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Kandurabay - Unknown Artist - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Vi 03.02.2020 03.02.2020 Molrajas

Label: Lyrichord - LLST 7326 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk
Download Kandurabay - Unknown Artist - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Vi

Thursday, December 21, gotcha year end ratings here. Friday, December 15, the new Fire-Toolz isn't a patch on her last lp. Saturday, December 9, Fifteen years later and I still don't have the vocabulary to describe the guitar tone in "Bat Macumba. Thursday, December 7, the PC Music month of mayhem comp, bad AFX cover aside, is actually better than their second eponymous comp. Monday, December 4, bainbrombs. They're mildly diverting at best but there's just something so ungainly and goofy about the whole affair that's probably good in that it makes them impossible to take seriously as serial hatchet murderers but it's also bad because it makes them @c - Three-Body Problem to take seriously as noize godz.

No chance of that - they're a novelty act, Turbonegro for wannabe nihilists. They're Cards Against Humanity: the band. Friday, December 1, Wednesday, November 22, is there a single more versatile artist in the world today I guess she really only alternates between tape stuff and drone and, of course, organ improv, with that one big into being Joanna and Nico's lovechild but I dunno that still covers a lot of more disparate ground than most artists even on the fringe.

She's the best and I still can't pronounce her name, God bless 'er. Sunday, November 12, reggae canon is best canon. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown. You know it, you probably love it - I didn't. Oh, it was fine. But y'know, I'm theContrariangorbler. Today tho low and behold shit clicked.

It's a gently surrealistic watercolor paint-on-glass animation, it's a hazy tan, tangerine and teal daydream. The title track is still easily the weakest cut - it's pretty much the ideal dub cut but it just don't move me for whatever reason. The rest is just as good as virtually every music nerd friend I've ever had has always said it is - and the first Kandurabay - Unknown Artist - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Vi is especially magnificent.

But y'all know that. Wednesday, November 1, new benjamin clementine is legit, ftr. If ever a band or project was aptly named, it'd be Aural Holograms. First track on their album is some of the most compelling and immersive "walking around an abandoned alien spacecraft" music I've yet to hear - really fantastic stuff.

The second is quite nice, too, but then they stretch minutes of idea for 40 minutes and it regressively goes from being commendably spooked to at least sonically interesting if not exactly atmospheric anymore to just plain dull. Pity because a couple more tracks like that opener Kandurabay - Unknown Artist - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Vi we'd have a classic.

Friday, October 27, super slimey. They prove more effective foils for each other than I would've expected. Most of the appeal, though, comes from the fact that these are some sleepy-time-ass beats and I'm nothing if not perpetual sleepy nowadays.

Who would've thought that a genre that started out as crunk revivalism would end up being my generation's definitive soundtrack to stoned lethargic insomnia? New Iglooghost is like all of the music I most love remixed for consumption by all of the people I most hate.

Somehow the 3 songs each from 3 disks Spotify digital sampler of the vinyl-only box The Girls In The Gold - Various - High Mode compilation of Pere Ubu's first two albums and singles might just be the single most consistently killer and replayable one-artist collection of songs I've ever heard - it's obscene, it's like the straight white guy with guitar equivalent of E-Mo-Tion or Art Angels in terms of consistency, though it is shorter and I have known these songs for a decade and a half almost.

It's just weird that something so ephemeral and arbitrary could capture their best moments so effortlessly. I do gotta admit though that next to the first two singles and the Modern Dance, Dub Housing doesn't bang as much as I remembered it doing, and it was always my favorite album of theirs. There's no need for it to have been an ep as the instrumentals don't add anything, but it's still basically pure fire and headspinningly unique. Horizons of rap still exceptionally developing everywhere among these heathens.

I've always been a pretentious snobbish bugger and my taste in music has mostly reflected that. My older brother's ex's Yes greatest hits cassette got me into prog Kandurabay - Unknown Artist - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Vi eleven or twelve years old said brother's sage wisdom on the subject: "The big three prog bands were Yes, Kansas and Genesis, but I don't know why people considered Genesis prog.

I was pretentious - it was pretentious - we were made for each other. Eventually my love of clarinets, my love of prog and my love of Pitchfork combined and left me at Dominique Leone's door, squealing "take me! And I was such a "Smart" White Teenage Thing that I ate that up and, worse, started really internalizing the belief that there was an inherent pseudo-ethical superiority not just to "complex" art the Tool fallacy?

Nah, the fallacy with Tool is thinking they're not literally Nickleback but that cheap contrarianism and self-conscious "weird"ness were a talisman against being a bad person or whatever I worried about back then - being low class? I guess it was probably being "anti-intellectual," which from the perspective of 27 years on Earth is so cringey I can barely type it.

At least the R. And besides,unless my chronology is hopelessly wrong, I got into R. But still, just as prog was somehow more moral than grunge, avant-prog maintained for years an air Kandurabay - Unknown Artist - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Vi being gooder than any other form of rock - for pseudo-musical reasons as much as pseudo-political reasons.

I guess I'm posting this because I'm still working through these issues, or related ones. The biggest music-related fallacy in my life is that my taste in music does not only matter in some concrete way but it is, in fact, the most important thing about me - the only thing of interest about me! Excepting perhaps my gender and being trans is more passe than being an Exuma fan. You know, cool once, but played out? See, I really unironically think like that - and a lot of it is being so detached from labor, and other people.

The big debate currently going on in my head is basically how to put materialism to work for defining my relationship to music and culture and taste - I realized recently too recently that I am incapable of transcending my White American-ness through absorbing massive amounts of non-White American media Yeah, revelation, mind blown, PCHOW, right? Talk about erudite. Because I was raised by a white dad who likes the Beatles and a white mom who likes Simon and Garfunkel alongside a white brother who likes Metallica and my earliest musical memories involve Fanny Crosby, "Come As You Are" as played on piano thought it was Mozart for years and "Shiny Happy People" as sung by monster puppets on Sesame Street.

One More City - John Pearse & Dick Poons - One More City thing didn't make me white and had I been able to change Nirvana to 2Pac and keep everything else I'd still be white and it's not like people judge whether I'm white or not by how whether, when they say "Arrested Development," my first thought is "Gob Bluth!

I blogspot. I Spotify. I SoulSeek, or I useta. I'll download 17 filmi soundtracks and five LPs of Muezzin I'll listen to nine Kumar Gandharva albums over three days, give two of them 4. Wow what a crock of unmitigated putrid rotten offal. How smug, how try-hard, how neckbeard! It's like a Disco Sucks record burning organized by a dude in a Rush shirt. With wolves. It's a furry Rush with Geddy Lee as a timberwolf and there are probably green glow skulls. UGH, Album's fairly wretched, too.

And the herkjetk-approved live album that's supposed to be a scorcher or summat? It's just wank it's all just wank. I wish I'd gotten into happy hardcore or eurobeat as a t w een. Thursday, September 14, k v j. I haven't been as impressed by an emcee on first listen since Zeroh as I am by Azeem. He's sort of made of similar stuff - maybe a bit more backpacker - Azeem's got a lotta Billy Woods in 'im, a touch of the preacher a la KRS or Monch and I detect both Myka9 and Dudley Perkins influencing his flow.

His beats are average and his guests mostly flat out suck but he's able to get away with tons of stuff weaker emcees wouldn't've have at pulling off and still remain smart, funny, straight and heck sometimes even genuinely poetic Tuesday, September 12, This is why country musicians don't read: shouldn't make statement records. Sunday, September 10, just in case you were wondering.

Tuesday, September 5, V. Sunday, September 3, abstract pablum graduation. I guess I just needed to come to terms with the fact that he's pretty obviously smarter than me, or at least smart in ways and about things I Im On A Mission - The Sigourney Weavers - Blockbuster understand and he's as allowed, and probably more so, to namedrop Godspeed as I am to namedrop Camp Lo and I dunno he just takes an unexpected turn for the mildly likable here and fuck me it does sound sweet.

The Ratings Dump. Alive in '75 - 3. Subbulakshmi - At Carnegie Hall - 4. Raumschmiere - heimat - 2 archspire - 3 voice of eye - transmigration - 3.

Ramamoorthy - 4. Deep Jazz From The Usa - 4. Force - Lost Breaks - 3. Nageswara Rao - 3. Prosit Nakhonphonom - dontri thai doem - Judy Collins - Send In The Clowns. Manager - 3. M'Pongo Love - L'Afrique danse avec - 4. Balamurali Krishna -4 Jam Baxter So Voïvod - Voïvod - Lives Ate Them Whole - 5!

Michael Lewis - shogun 1+1 - Nicke* & Nilla* - Pannkakor med sylt - 4. Cook - - 2 kids see ghosts - 2. Teyana Taylor - K. D - 3 brett naucke - the mansion - 3. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.


I Will Never Pass This Way Again - Kenny Rodgers - Kenny Loves Jesus, Hound Dog - Demetrio Stratos, Mauro Pagani, Paolo Tofani - Rock And Roll Exibition, Ustad Siraj - Lo Jo Triban* - Fils De Zamal, Sure Nuff N Yes I Do - Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Safe As Milk, Zемфира* - Прости Меня Моя Любовь

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    PHILIPPINES - Muranao Kakolintang - Philippine Gong Music from Lanao Vol. 2 - Lyrichord LLST RAJASTHAN Flûtes du Rajasthan – Le Chant Du Monde LDX ROMANIA – ROUMANIE Ion Matache – Electrecord EPD
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    check the value of your vinyl records by searching our archive.
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    Unknown Artist ‎– Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music From Lanao Volume 2 (The Villages Of Taraka, Molondo And Bagoaingud) Label: Lyrichord ‎– LLST /5(4).
  4. Gardajind says:
    Dec 21,  · va - Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music from Lanao Volume 2 - 5! Conjunto Jarocho Medellín de Lino Chávez - Veracruz - Budhaditya Mukherjee - Instrumental Music of India - Alhadji Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group - Baba Ngani Agba - va - Musiques traditionnelles du Japon - des origines au XVIe siècle - 4.
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    Nov 28,  · Muranao Kakolintang - Philippine Gong Music from Lanao Vol. 2 (The Village of Taraka, Molondo and Bagoaingud) - Lyrichord LLST – Recorded by Steven W. Otto & Usopay H. Cadar (LP) This indigenous gong-chime music, recorded in villages near Lake Lanao in the province of Lanao del Sur, is very distinct from its gamelan counterparts in Bali.
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    Explore releases from the Muranao Kakolintang label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Muranao Kakolintang releases.
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