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Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew 11.11.2019 11.11.2019 Faujora

Label: Shock - CTX522CD • Format: CD Album Alternate cover • Country: Australia • Genre: Rock • Style: Stoner Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. The heavy metal equivalent of drunken fist, sloppy, inebriated and just plain laughable but will ultimately be taken seriously. After a short time of being Ozzy Osbourne's new young and fresh guitar player, Zakk Wylde was starting to make a name for himself.

Maybe it was literally because of his very name "Zakk Wylde", maybe it was because of his psychedelic black and white signature guitar, maybe it was his stage presence. I'm not sure, but whatever it was, surely it was not because of his actual guitar playing. Sorry, but I just have a little bit more faith in humanity than to expect people to think that Zakk Wylde is some kind of unrivaled brilliance behind the fret board.

This is especially the case when delving into his own solo band's outings. The problem isn't as significant here on Black Label Society's debut Sonic Brewbut there are still a lot of moments where Wylde is clearly settling for less, implementing one lazy groove metal riff after the next on tracks like "Hey You" or "Bored to Tears", repeating boring and tired riffs with a slough of pinch harmonics thrown in for good measure, just in Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew you forgot this was heavy metal.

And if you did forget this was heavy metal, I honestly don't blame you, especially around the point "Born to Lose" comes on with its lame anthem country boy touting Fringe Dweller - D.I.G.* - Speakeasy Skynyrd influence. Black Label Society on the other hand tend to fail to impress me Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew nearly all fronts.

Stiff and rigid song structures that go nowhere fast, guitar riffs that sound like they were all made up in under 10 minutes. Hell, that's being generous. The riff to "Bored to Tears" probably took less than 5 minutes. This is fine and dandy every now and then, but seriously, do you think Black Sabbath's Paranoid would be the hallmark it is today if it was comprised of nothing but songs that took the same format as the album's respective title track? Unfortunately, the evidence of any effort is the exception as opposed to the rule for Sonic Brew.

Such is the case for "Peddlers of Death" which Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew between a light piano ballad to a hard-rockin' pinch harmonic filled juggernaut with descending trills that feel like an airplane is flying overhead bestowing a sonic boom of melody upon the listener. Unfortunately that's the only part of the song I really care about as the rest fails to jump out and capture or hold my interest.

What great moments there are to find on Sonic Brew are entirely castrated by the album's baffling terrible production. Low end? The fuck is that? Even more baffling, I've read a lot of the reviewers on here think that Sonic Brew has fantastic and abrasive production.

To each their own, but to me it's pretty objective. Turn this on in your car and roll the windows down and you'll be sure to find the dog whistle production pissing off every mutt in the neighborhood, as well as many of the residents of said neighborhood. Seriously, if you're going to blast something from your speakers, don't make it Sonic Brewdon't even make it Black Label Society. We are out there, and we will judge you, and you will be known as that guy. Trust me, you don't want to be that guy.

You know the one, the overweight bearded redneck ironically wearing a tapout shirt who thinks that how much liquor he can hold down adds value to You Talk You Get Killed - Nels Cline - Dirty Baby character. The album begins to pick up about halfway through right after the lethargic sleeper "Beneath the Tree", starting with "Low Down". Now this is the kind of riffing I expect from someone who has obtained the legendary fame he's credited with by everyone LAge Du Meurtre - 113 - Tonton Du Bled their rebel flag toting crack head, child support collecting mother.

We have some form of variety, now how about contributing that skill to something more productive as opposed to wanking off. Sorry, not sorry, this is impressive on its own, but why not try to actually put it within the context of a song? Tony Iommi was famous for this too, but when he did it, it was often as a precursor of what was yet to come I.

The album surprisingly ends on a strong note though. Despite much of the sub-par experience leading up to about Lost Girls - Sin Fang - Spaceland halfway mark on the album, Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew in the Wheel" gives first time listeners a bit of a reward for patiently sitting through the album up to this point.

What I love about his acoustic songs is that they always tend to leave little room for improvement The guy has so much potential that I feel often gets snubbed to write lazy and boring material. These borrow more from the Motorhead camp, taking no prisoners and casting aside any ambiguity; in other words, rock as meant for rolling.

Sonic Brew isn't terrible, mediocre sure, but Black Label Society have been guilty of far worse than what is committed on their debut. There's some potential that is lived up to, but much of the album spends its time pandering to the easily impressed Metallica Black Album 90's alternative rock metalhead mindset. This album was made with radio play in mind and it's definitely not going to challenge you at any point.

Enjoy it for the good times, but when the bad times roll around, do they ever. Black Label Society have become something of a household name for those who hold heavy metal in high Love Is Everywhere - Various - Club Sounds Vol.

61. Naturally, some are bigger fans of this group than others, I myself have been a fan of BLS for years now. The thing that always Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew me coming back to this band was Zakk Wylde's guitar abilities, which he is no doubt a gifted axeman but he also knows how to write a memorable riff.

On Black Label Society's debut, Wylde isn't Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew particularly astounding songwriter nor vocalist some would argue he still isn't but this album is no doubt a fun time to be had. I've always liked BLS because they are always a fun band, throwing in those memorable and catchy riffs and Wylde's no holds barred lyrics about booze and the lifestyle his profession carries.

The sound this album builds does bring some words to mind, like "thick" and "sludgey," or perhaps most accurately "thick sludgey concrete pouring out of my speakers. I do not view this as a negative, as it leads "Sonic Brew" to be a varied album as opposed to the non-stop riff assault that later albums can become which can lead to same-sounding songs and monotony "Mafia," anyone? None of this takes away from the listening experience, and I dare say it actually enhances it.

I wouldn't rank "Sonic Brew" on the same level as " Eternal," but Maggot Hatchery - Ghoul - Maniaxe comes more from the song quality than the Southern influences, as this album is more varied than " Eternal" is.

We have a mixture of songs here, the first song of which are the harder, more fist-pumping moments that BLS is good for. It proceeds to be a purely fun rocker one that any fan of this group will take a liking to. Other songs in this vein are "Born to Lose" and "Lost My Better Half," the latter of which wasn't on the original pressing but was added for the American release.

It establishes itself as a heavy stomper, a foreshadowing song of the way this band would go in the future, dropping all Southern influences by the time " Eternal" was released. At Last," both of which are good to get some heads moving and perhaps even fists flying. Like alot of things Black Label Society's name is attached to, we do have a few misses on this album.

While decent enough, both "Black Pearl" and "World of Trouble" are a bit tedious on repeat listens. Those sound effects on the latter song are absolutely annoying as time goes on. In my opinion, the included cover of "No More Tears" also fits here, as Wylde's voice is just not suited for this song. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but I just can't sit through that song more than once and usually end up skipping it.

Still, you get fifteen tracks on this album and only four of them are anything I'd consider skipping. That's eleven good songs, far more than you'll get with most modern rock bands today or artists of any genre for that matter. Its not a great album, and unfortunately I feel that while BLS has recorded some incredible songs in their time, they havn't put forth a full length album that could be classified as "great" or "essential.

I can't give this a very high rating simply because of the quality of the material I'm hearing, but its still pretty damn good. This record was Zakk'a metal comeback, and it was a huge success.

This record has a thick tone for both the bass and guitar and is groovy all the way through. And of course we can never forget about those infamous Zakk squeals which run rampant on this album.

This track examplifies the mood of the album. The riffs are catchy, the rythm is groovy, the vocals make you want to drink beer and the whole sound just makes you want to headbang. One also mustn't forget that since this is a Zakk Wylde record, the solos are also due to be good. But to me the highlight of the album has När Det Lider Mot Jul - Lunds Studentsångare - Strålande Jul be the softly spoken "Spoke in the Wheel".

This song delivers as much amotion as the rest of the record but channels it in a different direction. This is acoustic bliss and has soft melodies that make you stop and think and appreciate the diversity that Zakk can accomplish. Some really good acoustic playing accompanied by emotional and soft vocals make this track very special and memorable.

The album finishes on a high note with "The Beginning At Last" which a barn burner of a track, and the Ozzy cover on which he actually played "No More Tears" is also very cool.

This album is fun to listen to. It rocks you hard and rocks you gently at times. If you're looking for a beefy tone with a solid rythm and some excellent guitar work, you've come to the right society. Thick is the word I would chose if I had to sum this album in one word. Heavy, yes. Crunchy, Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew. Sludgy, yes. Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew Thick covers all the basses, because when you combine Zakk Wyldes ultra-beefy guitar tone, a penetrating bass sound and smashing drums, you get this satanically thick sound that seems so fall out of your speakers into giant metallic chunks.

This album has a good variety of tunes. You get the groove-based rockers like "Bored To Tears", which has an unforgettable main riff and a blistering solo, and the start-stop strut of "The Rose Petalled Garden", which is a very haunting song, Bored To Tears - Black Label Society - Sonic Brew you will pick up on early with Zakks lingering, eerie chords Think "Call of Ktulu" by Metallica.

You get the songs that are just brutal ass-beatings like "Lost My Better Half" Simple, heavy as fuck and catchy as hell - not to mention that absolutley insane guitar solo and Mother Mary This song will make you want to fight. The bass riff is amazing, and those infamous Wylde-squels are dominant throughout the song. You also get two acoustic songs - One a shred-fest instrumental entitled "T.

So you get a good variety of tunes, but are they all memorable? Most are, but there are one or two duds. It's more a doom-ish, haunting rocker. Then we run into the first dud, "Peddlers of Death" - this song just kind of plods along with annoying Stressed Out - Lion Babe - Begin guitar noises and no real sense of direction.

It sounds promising, but it really never goes anywere, and is very skippable. This is what BLS is about, beating the shit out of you with riffs, and amazing you Keep On Singing - Helen Reddy - Keep On Singing / Youre My Home solos.

The rest of the album is great, up until the end. The lyrics are pretty good. Don't expect lyrical genius, but you do get a pretty nice set of lyrics cooked up by Mr. He is particullary good at expressing anger, and feeling the need to beat somones ass.


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  1. Kele says:
    Apr 25,  · Black Label Society, led by American guitar icon Zakk Wylde, has released a music video today for the song Bored To Tears This is the second music video we’ve seen from the new, reimagined version of the band’s iconic debut LP, Sonic Brew.
  2. Akinoran says:
    Sonic Brew by Black Label Society, released 1. Bored To Tears 2. The Rose Petalled Garden 3. Hey You (Batch Of Lies) 4. Born To Lose 5. Peddlers Of Death 6. Mother Mary 7. Beneath The Tree 8. Low Down 9. T.A.Z. Lost My Better Half Black Pearl World Of Trouble Spoke In The Wheel The Beginning At Last No More Tears.
  3. Mozil says:
    Bored to Tears Lyrics: Tired of this, done with that / Never satisfied with where I'm at / I sit and think what to do / Just a motherfuckin' bore without a clue / Shot my drugs, drank my booze.
  4. Tygokasa says:
    It was through this that Black Label Society was born. A year later, Zakk released it's debut, Sonic Brew. From the opeing pulses of "Bored To Tears" to his heavy-as-hell cover of Ozzy's "No More Tears", this album announces that Zakk is home!
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