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Fiston - EIEN - EIEN 28.10.2019 28.10.2019 Fera

Label: Ride On [music] - CD ROM004 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •
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The third chapter serial of mine. Yeah, Fiston - EIEN - EIEN know on my profile that I would start Fiston - EIEN - EIEN near the end of Cherished but… I need to entertain myself somehow. SO I'll start this story then! A brown haired girl stood by the riverbank. It was sunset and it had been a tiring day for her. Fiston - EIEN - EIEN all, how many people in this world can control the element of nature?

Not many, by her thought. Her peach skin slid into the calm waters and it bathed her wounds. Suddenly, a huge dragon formed of water appeared. Tenten sighed and sent a vine swaying nearby to crash into it. The two moving elements clashed and starting battling. Hinata opened one eye and grinned. It was just for fun. AND I'm meditating too, we've gotta concentrate on controlling it. How long has it been, since they acquired these powers? Meanwhile, the two components finished the battle Hinata's being the victorious one and left Tenten fuming on why she had gotten such a lousy element.

Abruptly, heat could be felt around the two. They looked at each other with wide eyes and ducked. A large fireball had soared above the river bank at the two friends.

It had burnt two trees on its path. Her hair was short, cut around her neck and her green orbs fluttered nervously. I made some veggie soup! Her clothes weren't wet thanks to Hinata's aid of creating a field around Tenten's petite body. The four friends then headed out towards their small home, hidden in nature of the Beneyume Forest.

NOTE: I ain't jap myself, so don't feel lonely. Tenten, Hinata, Sakura and Ino have been friends ever since they were born. Their parents had abandoned them Various - Before We Melt (File) the lowliest part of town to let them fend for themselves when they were four.

All four grew up like sisters and found their way through the forest that lay on the east side of the town when they were As they trekked through the flora of the blooming forest, they came upon a small waterfall that led to a small dewpond that was covered by rocks. Each girl dove into the pool, Ino being last of her fear of her parents drowning her in their bathtub one time.

At the bottom of the minute pool, was a small chest. Tenten had dragged it out of the pure liquid and opened it to find four small gems. An emerald, a sapphire, ruby and lastly a golden topaz.

Each of the girls took one; Tenten took the emerald, Hinata the sapphire, Sakura the ruby and Ino the topaz. They held it within their palms to have a bright light shine out of the precious jewel, every female falling unconscious…. When they all woke up, a tattoo had appeared on each of their bodies. Tenten had hers on her lower neck. Hinata had found hers on her lower left arm close to the wrist. The tattoo was coloured by the gem and was etched onto their skin like as though the gem itself had sunk itself into each girl's body.

Nightfall had come, Fiston - EIEN - EIEN girl shivering and chattering their teeth. As soon as Sakura rubbed her hand together, a flicker of flame emitted. Rub your hands again! Sakura did, except did it longer this time. A whole tongue of flame appeared on top of Sakura's hands. Tenten pointed at Sakura dumbstruck and accidentally sent some shrubs at Sakura's face. The plants caught on fire and the group ran around wildly. Hinata went to pool to get some water with her bare hands and flung it on Sakura.

Not one drop fell to the floor when Hinata held it in her hands. Ino stared astonishingly at Hinata and tried to grab some water too. Instead, a spark came from her hand and shocked the water with a BUZZ. Ino shrieked while Hinata stood there staring at her hand whereas Tenten and Sakura were still running around witlessly.

Midnight struck from the large clock tower placed in the middle of the town. Sakura had stopped the blaze of the shrubs and her hands were surprisingly warm to the fire she had created by rubbing her hands together with some dry wood. Tenten had calmed down a bit still alarmed about her sending Scooter Boys - Indigo Girls - Live At The Fillmore, Denver, November 20, 1999 (DVD) plants on Sakura.

Ino sat there, clicking her fingers which created electricity spark. Hinata sat by the water scooping the cool water with her bare hands, not one single drop of water descent onto the damp grass. The next day, Tenten had found a small hut close to the waterfall. It was old and dusty but well maintained. She rummaged through boxes and chests that were packed in all the rooms. She found a heap of clean kimonos which were only available in four colours; green, red, purple and blue.

Each of them tried it on and it fitted perfectly. They began to live inside the small shack, wondering what was happening in the real world Fiston - EIEN - EIEN of the forest. It was months until they found out they had gained an element. Tenten had wondered into Fiston - EIEN - EIEN and borrowed a book from the local library about the forest. Along the way, she had caught the eye of a pearl eyed boy who was looking at her from behind a shelf on Martial Arts.

The book had said that Fiston - EIEN - EIEN river that was there for more than years was called the River of Eternity.

The Fiston - EIEN - EIEN was called the Beneyume Forest, of the strange things lurking in the shadows of it. A legend was said that four sisters had planted a small chest inside the forest. They had magical powers and their powers were embedded into four gems.

The four sisters each had the start of their name to add to the name of the forest; Be from Fiston - EIEN - EIEN oldest, Ne for the second, Yu from the third and Me from the youngest. Tenten had gained Nature, element of the older sister, Be. Sakura obtained Ne, who Fiston - EIEN - EIEN in use of Fire. Ino attained Lightening from Yu and Hinata, being the youngest of the group, acquired Water. But that was five years ago, each of them were 17 years of age. The small group had mastered each of their elements perfectly and skillfully.

They continued Fiston - EIEN - EIEN live in the small house covered by the surrounding trees and ivy. Tenten had placed them there because of outsiders who could've seen the house and found four girls living there Famikon - Dan Balan* & O-Zone - Mp3 Collection the four main elements.

One day, Sakura had found a poster pinned up behind the house. She carefully brought it in, not attempting to set it afire.

She left it up on the kitchen wall where all her best friends could see. It was her turn to be cooking this week as all four of them took turns.

Last week was Ino's turn and all she bought were either instant noodles or heat up food, since she was hopeless at cooking. The tower chime started ringing. It was 6pm, which was too late for their dinner time. Her pale red kimono raced along with her as she rushed down the deserted streets.

She turned a corner and accidentally bumped into someone. He grunted as she fell down over him. He was wearing a dark blue collar shirt and black pants. Over them, he had a midnight blue cloak to protect himself from the winter cold. His raven hair was messily combed, showing that he too, was in a rush. She bowed down low and headed off in her direction once again. The male sat there clumsily, staring at the girl's retreating back.

Hurry up, we're going! He straightened himself up and went into the cart. Sakura kept running until she came to the opening of the Beneyume forest. A red horse stood there, tied to a tree.

The horse whinnied as U R (Yam Who? Remix) - Various - Jazzy Lounge neared. She pet him until he calmed down, whispering the words. I'm here…" She murmured into the horse's ear.


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    Jun 07,  · Sopranista Tomotaka Okamoto singing "Eien" (many many thanks to Tomoko Uyama): Shinobiyoru yami Ukabiagaru yume Anohoshikara todoku kotobaha zutto EIEN Horobiyuku machi Umareyuku inochi.
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    [AU FIC] Four girls have obtained the elements of the Eien River. But now, four handsome detectives have come to investigate the truth about it. Will they reveal their secrets? Plenty of OOC. [Pairings: NaruHina, SasuSaku, ShikaIno, NejiTen].
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    Dec 29,  · もう一度 feat BENI~もう二度と mou ichido - mou nidoto - Duration: Beni Beni 2,, views.
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    Eien (永延) was a Japanese era (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Kanna and before Eiso. This period spanned the years from April through August The reigning emperor was Ichijō-tennō .
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    Fiston by Cabadzi from the Album Émeute De Souffles; Fiston (feat. Nicky) by Alibi Montana feat. Niki from the Album Prêt A Mourir Pour Les Miens; Fiston (Ton simpl gavotenn) by Eien from the Album Eien; Fiston (feat. Serocee) by Afriquoi from the Album Kolaba; Fiston [Explicit] by Cabadzi from the Album Session [Explicit].

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