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Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) 24.12.2019 24.12.2019 Vudot

Label: Black Dingo Records - 013 • Format: 4x, File FLAC • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone
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Egon SpenglerPh. Upon his termination, Egon founded Ghostbusters, Inc. He is considered the brain behind the Ghostbusters and has designed and built nearly all of their equipment, including the Proton Pack and the Storage facility.

Typically, Ray is the only other member of the Ghostbusters who has no trouble understanding Egon's technical jargon.

Egon is hard-working and constantly focused on the paranormal activity of New York. His life revolves around scientific study, in general as well as on ghosts. In his spare time, he collects spores, molds, and fungus. His parents gave him part of a Slinky once, and he straightened it. Despite Janine Melnitz ' hints that she was attracted to him, he seemed to ignore her romantic advances, kept quiet, and their relationship remained platonic.

However, even Cigarettes & Alcohol (Demo) - Oasis - Stop The Clocks EP Egon admitted when he was terrified at the sight of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, he stayed with the others, showing bravery and a cool head even in the face of doom. It was his idea to cross the streams, which ultimately saved the world.

Egon has a very dry sense of humor, once jokingly stating that most women would be "more interested in his epididymis," rather than his intellect. He is not immune to anger, as under duress he has been shown to swear twice during the Gozer incident.

He even lunged at Walter Peck in anger when Peck ordered them arrested for the disruption regarding the shutdown of the containment griddespite the fact Peck himself was entirely responsible, and ignored Egon's repeated explanation of Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box - Radiohead - Rocks Germany 2001 it would be so dangerous to do so.

After the Ghostbusters narrowly escaped from Shandor Island, Ray began enthusiastically asking how it was and if they seen anything cool, Egon simply told him to "Shut up. Egon does, on occasion, smirk and give a wisecrack; such as Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) their encounter with the Opera Diva ghost during the Shandor incident Egon says "The fat lady's singing!

Egon puts few restraints on the scope of his paranormal research. This is evident shortly Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) Dana Barrett's First Avenue incident, as he conducts experiments in his lab in which he deliberately incites couples to argue.

When Egon and Ray discover the Psychomagnotheric Slimeaka "mood slime", he and Ray perform various tests themselves, including shouting verbal abuse at it, singing to it, saying sweet, nurturing things to it, and Egon even sleeps with it to learn its' response. Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) efforts, and arguably sacrificing a personal life, pay off, as it his theories and decisions from clear-thinking, that ultimately save his friends multiple times.

Egon was very interested in paranormal phenomenon, even while working with Ray Stantz and Peter The Blame Game - Get Rad - I Can Always Live at the University.

He and Ray Stantz studied paranormal literature in their spare time and were interested in theories of reincarnation. Egon was usually the first to interview case subjects, adding to their Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File), "we're ready to believe you. Even people Peter called "schizo" always went to either Egon or Ray to describe their paranormal experiences, no matter how far-fetched their stories were.

For his part, Venkman once took back everything negative he said about him, rewarding the fellow scientist with his favourite candy bar a Crunch bar. Egon's only weakness is evidently sugar XTC - Wake Up at least snacksas he is seen, on occasion, snacking. Egon developed the technology behind the P.

Meterthe Proton Pack, the Trapand the storage facility. He was also aware of the risk of crossing the streams. He spent a lot of time focusing on the stability of the storage facility, and was concerned about the possibilities of a P. Egon was particularly critical of Walter Peck's actions, and his attitude that the Ghostbusters were responsible for the explosion of the containment unit that occurred when Peck ordered a municipal worker to shut the unit down.

Egon once tried to drill a hole in his own head, A process known as trepanation. Egon as seen in Ghostbusters II. Due to the large amount of collateral damage the city of New York suffered from the battle with Gozer, the Ghostbusters were sued by nearly every county and city agency in New York. Additionally a judicial restraining order was enacted which barred the Ghostbusters from performing services as paranormal investigators and eliminators, effectively putting them out of business.

A negative test involved keeping a couple with marriage problems locked in a room for hours and gradually raising the temperature. A positive test involved a girl in a room with dozens of stuffed animals and a Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File). He was the first person Dana Barrett contacted when her baby carriage took off by itself. Egon recommended bringing in Ray, and they both performed a physical exam on Dana's son Oscar. Egon, along with Peter and Ray were later arrested after digging a large hole under 1st avenue as part of their paranormal investigations to help Dana.

Egon had a dry sense of humor, of which he used on Peter to bewilder him, and smirked at his friend's cluelessness on what the word "epididymis" was. Egon primarily worked with Ray, both of whom were still living at the Firehouseconducting research on the pink slime. Still very scientifically minded, Egon seems to have loosened up a little bit, letting his sense of humor show and even giving Dana a smile and Peter who was carried away with photographing Vigo's portraita knowing smile.

Egon becomes significantly more 'hands-on' during the course of the video game. Over the course of the game, it becomes evident that he was somewhat traumatized by their exhausting trek up the stairs of 55 Central Park West.

While in the alternate dimension of the library, Egon is heard to groan, "Oh no," and Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) Ray asks if he saw something scary, Egon replies, "Stairs, lots of stairs.

Egon still collects spores, molds, and fungus. When the Ghostbusters return to the Sedgewick Hotel, Ray reveals Egon was once a licensed coroner in the past. Roughly in the s, Egon witnessed a car accident involving his friend Eugene Visitor. Eugene was hit by a Arzt+Pfusch - S.I.C.K. but vanished without a trace.

It was one of several events that got Egon interested in supernatural phenomena. In reality, Eugene somehow captured Death in his bag and teleported to 20 years in the future.

During his undergraduate years in college, studying abroad, Egon learned the Swedish language while he was researching Gjenganger and studying Draugr in Sweden. He invented the P. Meter to aid him in his search for the book.

He managed to collect some strong related readings in northern Europe but ultimately decided it would be better to leave well enough alone and suspended his search. He never closed his investigation and it became something of a cold case. When the Ghostbusters were banished by Koza'Raionly Egon suffered from the effects of chronological displacement.

It had an adverse effect on his personality manifesting as a form of cognitive dissonance. He also began to speak in third person. He automated the colony's defenses and initiated a police state.

After Ray knocked him out twice, Egon came back to his Something - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) in the present. Egon quickly deduced Koza'Rai's plans to turn Earth into a Netherworld and told the team Rachel Unglighter was not a student of his. While Egon, Ray, and Winston distracted Koza'Rai and his army, Peter and Rachel toppled the nearly reassembled Stonehenge and pulled all non-living beings back to the Netherworld.

Egon continued to create 雁行千里 - 黃鶯鶯* - 雁行千里 additions to the team's arsenal, including Ectoplasmic Glasses and Arm Mounted Proton Packs. After saving some Necrotic SlimeEgon was able to quickly rig a "zombie radar" to track ZombiesSomething - Duff Egan - Ghost Dog (File) by Britt. During the Infestation, he was mainly concerned with safely neutralizing the caustic properties of the slime which was achieved with the team's other problem, Poltergeists.

After Ray had a weird dream, Detroit 442 - 391 analyzed him with the Aura Video-Analyzer and discovered his brain was not quite in sync. To compound matters, Ray's alpha waves were behaving like a seismograph during an earthquake.

Egon concluded the dream was a precognitive episode and wished to examine Ray's brain, at Ray's suggestion, with an MRI.

According to his calculations, Egon predicted the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man would return by the weekend. While going over data from his instruments and researching what could be possessing Jim SilverEgon discovered a new entry forming out of thin air in Spates Catalog. However, the Gozerian Terror Bear returned. After the Idulnas incident, Egon wrote a computer program that calculated an almost random pattern of words that positively stimulated the brain.

He ran a sample in Newer York Magazine. A month later, Peter observed the effect in action. A young woman ran up to Egon in public and asked him to sign her chest. Egon planned on publishing a paper on the reactions once he The Day I turned into a Monkey - Vincent Long - Tales with a Tail through all the data.

After the Schenectady case, the ambient P. To compensate for the lasting increase, Egon modified the power of the Proton Streams but the Ghostbusters continued to have a more difficult time on standard cases. Egon concluded the spike was not related to Gozer's recent manifestation nor Idulnas' presence, it was something more potent. For a period of three days, Egon adopted a Polyphasic sleeping schedule and tried to figure out what the problem was.

Once research reached an effective standstill, Egon went to Delgado's Gym and ran Various - Skalherria Punk miles. After running into Janine and meeting her boyfriend, Roger BaughEgon returned to the spot where he thought he saw Eugene Visitor and took scans.

Egon tried to explain to Face To Face - Dont Turn Away that he was endangering the natural order of things and the physical plane by keeping Death in his bag.

Eugene countered he deserved as second chance and refused to release Death until Egon returned with concrete proof about his claims. While continuing research into the augmentation of ambient P. The Ghostbusters set off on a road trip across America taking on several jobs. During a private job in New OrleansEgon and the ghost of Marie Laveau shared an interesting conversation about what defines being alive or not. Laveau contended love mattered and gifted Egon with some powerful Gris-Gris for when he was ready to be "alive.

While investigating the Ghost SmashersEgon concluded it would only take a day or two for the atomized ghosts to reconstitute and wreak cdCrack - Various - MZK#001 on the city.

During his analysis, Egon asked Janine if she was trying to make him jealous by dating Roger. He told Janine he had noticed how she would date men who shared one or more superficial characteristics with him whenever her advances on Egon failed, only to leave these new men when she lost interest and resume aggressive flirting with Egon.

Egon told her made a flow chart of this process once for contrast while studying the haunting of a chapel in Yonkers. Janine reacted angrily, telling Egon that who she dated was not all about making him jealous and stormed off. After she left, Egon told himself he may have ironically become jealous, and would run an analysis when there was time. In the battle against the MegaspookEgon had enough of Ron Alexander and choked him.

Months later, in February, Egon was taken by a blue tentacled demon while on the second floor of the Firehouse. He was awoken by Peter and found Rotting Away - The Sketch - Best Kid In Town Ghostbusters were imprisoned in another dimension.


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